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  1. 16 Dec '06 04:52
    Anyone know a good resource on this line of the Modern Benoni?

    1. d4 Ng6
    2. c4 c5
    3. d5 e6
    4. Nc3 exd5
    5. cxd5 d6
    6. f4
  2. Donation !~TONY~!
    16 Dec '06 04:58
    An interesting idea that I toyed around with is 6..Qe7, looking to put literally every piece protecting e5 that you can. Once he plays Nf3 you play ..Bg4, etc....John Watson's book, "The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni" has coverage of this move and the Qh4+ ideas for black, which is another good line to try.
  3. 16 Dec '06 05:04
    Qe7 looks interesting .. Any example games?