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  1. 28 Aug '15 14:12
    This game has popped up on another site. I've added these notes.

    I was waiting for him to defend the d-pawn. I rarely took the
    Scandinavian pawn back often playing c6 or e6 depending on the mood.

    But here after 5...0-0 I was running out of pass the buck moves waiting for c4.

    Then came 6.c4 and I made it up as I went along even changing my
    mind where I wanted my Knight on moves 11 & 12 reasoning after h4 I
    cannot sac on h2 (there is nothing there) so I'll bring back the Knight to
    f6 then to h5 and sac on g3 or f4.

    This will involve another sac of the exchange (it's the Petrosian in me, I
    cannot subdue it.) This mode of thinking was the closest I ever came to
    positional play!

    Then it was back to my hobby of missing quicker mates and pinning Kings and Queens.

    The final mate involves pins:

    26.Kh1 Ng3+ 27 Kg1 Qf1 Mate.

    Neither of us moved our Queen Knights, (or Queen's Rooks - I gave my
    one up which is what you suppose to do with your Queen's Rook when facing a King's fianchetto.)

    Eric Smith vs Geoff Chandler, Edinburgh Chess League (1991)

  2. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    28 Aug '15 18:35
    I like how you left your bishop en prise from move 21 on. My favorite move was 23 ... Nf4! If 24. fxBe4 then Bxd4 pinning the queen. Now if queen takes bishop, Qg2 is mate.
  3. 28 Aug '15 19:18
    Hi byedidia,

    When they worked they look great.......when they didn't....I don't post them. 🙂