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  1. 20 Aug '14 18:00
    Some chess book ideas.

    A couple of good games with some nice points worth knowing.

    On request a repeat showing of an En Passant Mate.

    A Splat Trap and Mate.

    A Picture of me and my new friend.

    Blog 4

    When does round two of the championship kick off?
  2. 20 Aug '14 22:53
    The two cute lines alone are worth the price of admission.
  3. 20 Aug '14 23:06
    Another gem. Thanks GP34.
  4. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    21 Aug '14 00:57
    Regarding the ship's name, I had a quick dig around on the internet, the name of the ship appears to be unknown, but I can narrow it down to one of four. [1] gives the ship as one of: 'the Cinderella', 'the Sovereign', or 'the Vixen'. jessicafischerqueen has him commanding 'the Meteor' in 1925 in the discussion at the bottom of [2].

    Nice game against the machine.

  5. 21 Aug '14 12:29
    Hi Deep Thought,

    Thanks for the link.
    Someone has certainly been doing some digging into the past.
    The 'Meteor' would have been a great name for the gambit although
    it appears all Evans was doing was transporting a ship from A to B.

    The best bet looks like it was the 'Sovereign' as we have it docking at
    Milford Haven in 1825 in the Postal Records and it was a post office ship
    that Evans captained.

    The Sovereign Gambit?

    There should be a Cinderalla Opening or maybe we should start calling
    any pawn that reaches the 7th a Cinderalla pawn.

  6. Standard member wolfgang59
    22 Aug '14 00:15
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    The Sovereign Gambit?

    Gold coins?
    Made me revisit this gem.