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  1. 20 Aug '14 12:16 / 1 edit
    I've lost a clan game recently, and still don't know if I could do better at the end.

    "Me Black".


    Should White take Pawn c5?



    Now I was sure I was better.

    I "won the xchange", but had White in fact a trap in their mind?

    31. ... Ne3
    I still think it was good, albeit the only good move. I think...

    33. ...Qf7
    Was 33. ... Qa7 better?

    35. ... Qc7?
    I have a feeling it was wasting of time.

    36... Qc5?
    I was thinking of 36. ...Qe5 also, and I think now it was better. I guess I was hoping to get white Bishop on c1 by double attack. It was too slow.
  2. 20 Aug '14 21:32
    How about 36..Re8, winning the knight?
  3. 25 Aug '14 00:36
    Well, I looked at
    35. ...Re8
    36. Qd3 Qa7
    37. Kf2
  4. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    25 Aug '14 06:13
    Originally posted by vandervelde

    Should White take Pawn c5?

    I'm such a patzer old stick in the mud. As black I'd have saved the pawn, lost the fianchetto bishop and lost an ugly game. Or brought my Q over to KS and acted like I was Petrosian, and lost like a poor imitation of The Iron Tiger.