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  1. 29 Oct '11 23:20 / 2 edits
    Just played a drawn game in 12 moves against mghrn55.

    Game 8762898

    Given that there is a thread on fast checkmates, are there other examples of drawn games in under 15/20 moves?
  2. 30 Oct '11 02:19
    Don't even think about a thread of 15 move draws.

    and here...

    Instead of 10...Nf6? what about 10....0-0-0!

    There is still loads of chess in there.
  3. 30 Oct '11 02:24
    ^^ that's what i thought ^^

    I looked through my games, quite a few draws after 20 odd moves but only one that i consider forced after 24 moves.

  4. Subscriber PureRWandB
    CCC Club Leader
    30 Oct '11 03:43
  5. 30 Oct '11 03:53
    Hi Trev, the opening of that game reminds me of this classic.

  6. 30 Oct '11 04:31
    LOL love it.
  7. 30 Oct '11 10:57
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    There is still loads of chess in there.
    I think that was a classic case of playing the person, not the board. I was wary of my opponent, and was happy with a drawn outcome in a clan challenge, so I didn't look past the immediate danger to my Bishop and Knight.
    Oh well, live and learn...
  8. 31 Oct '11 03:20 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by PureRWandB
    [pgn][Event "Clan challenge"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2011.03.20"]
    [EndDate "2011.03.29"]
    [Round "?"]
    [White "PureRWandB"]
    [Black "cking2k3"]
    [WhiteRating "1489"]
    [BlackRating "1436"]
    [WhiteElo "1489"]
    [BlackElo "1436"]
    [Result "1/2-1/2"]
    [GameId "8282813"]

    1. e4 e5 2. Nb1c3 d6 3. b3 Bc8e6 4. Ng1f3 c5 5. Bc1b2 Nb8c6 6. Bf1 ...[text shortened]... 3. Qe2h5 fxg5 14. Qh5xh7 Kg8f7 15. Rh1h6 Qd8e7 16. Qh7g6 1/2-1/2[/pgn]
    Am I missing something or is 17. Qxe6+ perfectly winning?
  9. 31 Oct '11 04:52 / 1 edit
    You appear to be correct Range Blaster

    This is fun. Two out of the three posted games still have tricks in them.
    Maybe we should do a thread on 15 move draws.

  10. 31 Oct '11 16:16
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    There is still loads of chess in there.
    The more I look at this game the more it makes my teeth hurt.

    As the French would say when holding their temper, "Punaise"
  11. 01 Nov '11 01:34 / 1 edit
    Here's my version of this. Its a well-known Scotch variation. White was a fairly strong player and it looked other black variations were risky, so I chickened out