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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 19 May '15 19:56

    Only one game to show in the blog this week.

    I’m going to add more games here because the one game I give deserves
    it’s very own blog. You will see why and agree………it’s a masterpiece.

    Three games linked by the theme of Blog 4

    HFRAtomHeartDude - Maalvi RHP 2014

    TorGJen - Dommersnes RHP 2014

    Fur always flies when the lads on here play the King’s Gambit…No exception here.

    GuptaFari - rhubarb jam RHP2014

  2. 20 May '15 13:24
    Your next assignment is to find a Philidor Legacy's mate with a knight that was a promoted pawn.
  3. 20 May '15 16:14
    I'm looking for it now.