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  1. 31 Jul '12 16:55 / 1 edit
    Black loses a piece in 6 moves with a bit of self inflicted trickery.
    OTB grades of over 2000 does not mean you cannot blunder.

    It means when you do blunder there is a excellent chance someone will
    spot it and make sure the whole world sees it as well.
    Someone from the ECF forum posted the first few moves and later I received
    a PM with the complete game.

    I'm magnet for blunders. 🙂

    Whole game is a good example of how not to blow a won game.

    Jude Lenier (2016) - Hugh Murphy (2180) British Championship 2012

  2. 05 Aug '12 03:40
    pretty clinical
  3. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    05 Aug '12 12:25
    That's a neat little game, quite a few traps set and sprung. Nice post 🙂