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  1. Standard member Exuma
    23 Jan '11 03:29 / 2 edits
    A missed mate, then found, and a grinner of a game

    EDIT you'd think I would learn. This game is between BigJase and cptnunicum - Game 5903049
  2. 23 Jan '11 05:20
    even after white blunders away the queen I am somehow not surprised he wins this. Black really likes weakening his own structure and leaving his king in the center with no one to help out.
  3. 23 Jan '11 14:07 / 3 edits
    🙂 A great find.

    Looked at a few of cptnunicum's games.

    He is not having the best of luck.
    He wins a Queen and then get mated by Two Knights at the seconds time of asking.

    v phani27 Game 6183673 I noticed he resigned in a postion that still had
    to be won and missed a possible win or at least a clean draw on the way.


    Intead of automatically playing 29.RxN, 29.b7 tosses Black problems.
    Passed pawns must be pushed.

    White resigned here.

    29...Rxc6 was an awful move. 29...Rb3!
    Rooks attack passed pawns from the rear.

    (Two rules of thumb about the endgame, we are reaching the limit
    of my endgame knowledge.)

    b7 and Rd8+ throws it into a kingside 4 v 3 situation.

    30.b7 Rb6 31.Rd8+ Ke7 32.p=Q RxQ 33.RxR

    Draw? All I know is the weaker side (White) has to play h4. (I think)
    One of the endgame glums can elaborate on how this pans out but it was
    certainly not resignable.
  4. 23 Jan '11 14:10 / 2 edits
    er....that's it. (double post).