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  1. Standard member Nowakowski
    10. O-O
    09 Jan '10 07:45 / 3 edits
    Just going through some games and found this Gem which escaped my attention until
    now. Love it!

    White: Alexey Aleksandrov
    Black: Michael Adams
  2. 09 Jan '10 12:24
    Nice game there. Even nicer ski slope you have on your graph, we should go to the alps sometime.
  3. 09 Jan '10 14:59
    That's not a 'wee' gem - it was 35 moves long.

    A Miniature = 25 moves.
    Wee = 16 moves.

    Gem= Three White Knights appearing on the board.

    This is an original GP 'Wee Gem.'
  4. 09 Jan '10 15:48
    Not a 16 move wee, but as close as I have ever come.

  5. 09 Jan '10 15:55

    A cunning move your 15.Bxf5.

    I was going to give you a row for a thoughtless, time wasting 5.h3.

    But the pawn on h3 plays it's part in trapping the Queen.

    What do I know?