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  1. 09 Jan '11 14:17
    A reall sharp teaching aid.
    I'm sure some of you budding coaches out there
    will find it very useful.

    Plus a very good (only slightly unsound) game played by mikelom.

    Blog 4
  2. 09 Jan '11 14:55
    Congrats mikelom.Great game.

  3. 10 Jan '11 23:31
    "Perfect. All games should go like this. Sac a Queen, sac a Bishop, castle (the theme of this blog) and mate."

    Almost fit the bill with this one, but I ended up castling before the queen sac.

  4. 11 Jan '11 00:14 / 3 edits
    OK, but you got the Queen back.
    You have to do it without winning the Queen back

    It was's always there.

    Check all Checks

  5. Standard member nimzo5
    11 Jan '11 12:15
    another saying along those lines- 3 pieces make a mate.
  6. 11 Jan '11 12:52 / 1 edit
    Hi Nimzo

    There are 4 pieces in that Mate.

    The role of the f8 Rook (after castling - the theme of the blog) is critical.

    Three pieces always mate. Four pieces is a massacre.
    Pity the lad missed it. He had the right idea, just got the move order mixed up.