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  1. 24 Jun '12 22:13
    Well that is what the article said.
    The game hangs an e-pawn and I'm not sure I even close what
    happens if Black takes it. Had good fun with it though.

    Two studies/problems by A.W. Galitzky in Endgame Ernie's bit.

    White to play and mate in 4 moves.

    White to play and mate in three moves.

    Hit Blog 4 to check your solution.

    I'm fed up with the Duck so removed his glasses.
    He picks up on an incredible OTB blunder in the recent USA Championship
    and furnishes some RHP examples.

    It ends with Red House - friis76 RHP Ch 2012.
    At that level hang in there, you will always get a chance.
    You just have to take it when it appears in front of you.

    A pic of me soaking wet at the Royal Highland Show.

    (greenpawn is a big drip....The Duck.)

    Get lost Duck you are not a member, you are not allowed to post on here.
  2. 25 Jun '12 12:00
    Curses. I should have looked.

    User 72267
  3. 25 Jun '12 12:26
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Curses. I should have looked.

    User 72267
    Luckily, on this site, "the Duck" is not the same thing as "The Duck".

  4. Subscriber Ponderable On Vacation
    25 Jun '12 14:20
    So GP could ask Russ to have an account for The Duck...

    The first of the problems I had wrong, but I got the second one.

    Enjoyed your blog as I often do. Keep up the good work!