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Only Chess Forum

  1. 07 Mar '17 02:10

    A newly discovered postcard from Capablanca to Alekhine.

    Checkmate in 7 moves. (white to play)

    Blindfold Chess. A World Record. A game from it and an idea
    how Timur Gareyev can beat the blindfold checkers record.

    RHP Hall of Doom based on a Fischer-Spassky 1972 game.

    Blog Post 353
  2. Standard member ptobler
    21 Mar '17 05:58
    Found a song you might be interested in - at least the backdrop - Misex - 'But You Don't Care' (1979)
  3. 23 Mar '17 14:06
    I was wondering why I didn't care. (but I do!)

    It has a chess video.

    YouTube : The chess video

    It's not my kind of song - Johnny Rotten shouting out '...and we don't care.'
    in Pretty Vacant. is the stuff I like.