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  1. 18 Jan '06 10:00
    I allways hate to lose my beloved queen in a chess-match, but how much does it really increase the chance of losing a match when your queen is captured by your opponent..
    A stupid question asked by a novice mabye.. but what the heck.. :o)
  2. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    18 Jan '06 10:03
    Stupid question.
  3. 18 Jan '06 10:15
    Well, i told you so.. great answear btw..
  4. 18 Jan '06 10:26 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by yozim
    Well, i told you so.. great answear btw..
    Not that I consider myself an 'experienced player' but there was a thread a month or so ago regarding handicaps (a higher rated player playing minus a piece against a lower rated player) and someone listed a handicap system equivelent to the difference in their rating points, if you found that thread it might identify the value of the queen in terms of rating points. But the answer isn't really going to help you improve is it? far better to put your energies into learning something practicle/useful. If you are aware of the concept of simplifying (when a piece up trading pieces with the objective of trading right down to 2 pieces versus 1 piece when the advantage of that extra piece becomes more significant) you can see that being a queen down is a dire position to be in
  5. Standard member skeeter
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    18 Jan '06 10:52
    Originally posted by XanthosNZ
    Stupid question.
    Ring ring....
    "Hi skeets here..."

    "Xanth?....nope...he's got the block duty tonight"

    "sorry?..... whats block duty?......ah, thats when the bull queers get drunk and draw straws for who plays the sultry bitch. Xanth got the short one so he'll be indisposed for a while. Full calendar if you know what I mean........oh, Ok I'll tell him...bye"

    "Hey Xanth..."

    "Hmmmmph hmmmmmphh......howmmmph spfmmmph..."

    "yeh..that was your mum.... she said not to talk with your mouth full"
  6. Standard member XanthosNZ
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    18 Jan '06 11:03
    You totally owned that Xanth person skeeter. Lucky it's not me.