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  1. 23 Jun '15 22:47
    I didn't engine check this analysis, so there could be a flaw in it.

    This is the position from a just finished blitz game:

    I was white, but this is mostly my analysis.

    Black has just played Qf6, with the sly idea of Nf3+ and Qxd4.
    I played Nxf5.

    Now Nf3+ can be taken, because the knight on f5 defends d4.
    Black recaptured with the pawn, to keep the knight from being pinned.
    I played Kh1, and black answered with d5.

    Here, I had a choice. I went with the simple Qxe5, heading for an ending in the time scramble. Rxe5!? looks like a really tricky move, and after dxc4, the tactics almost start to flow.

    Re7 screams to be played, but black just jumps to the queen's defense with Kg6. White needs to save the Re7 idea. I came up with f4 as a try.

    Black's most natural reply (especially in blitz) would be Rd8, heading for the back rank.

    This is where the sly trap snares black. Re7+!

    The pin on the queen finally comes into play, and cuts off the connection between f6 and d8.

    Greenpawn needs to do this tactic in the blog thingy - using a pin/check to cut off a piece's defense.

    Now Kg6 Qxd8 and white has won the rook!

    A Nice Hidden Gem In the Game!

    There is only one problem.

    Qa1+ and white's tricky play has caused the mouse trap to snap on his own finger! 0-1 !!!

    Back to the start of all these Re7+ delusion of grandeur ...

    Maybe h4 is the way to try the trap (in blitz at least).

    Rd8 is still met by Re7, with air on h2 for the king after Qa1.

    Another threat would be (extra move for white here) --- Re7+ Kg6 h5+

    The king has to stay on f6's defense so Kg5 ...

    Rg7+ ! and the queen is gone.

    It's really interesting how all of these tactics start with just a little pin and a check on e7.

    Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.