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  1. 30 Sep '08 22:44 / 1 edit

    time control was 10 minutes with 1 second increment.

    1.e4 Nf6--I was hoping for Alekhine
    2. d3 d6--usually I would follow up with d5, playing for an awkward transition back to Alekhine or to a strong Scandinavian, but I wanted tro try something new. It seemed to me that white usually played 1.e4 and 2.d4 against 1....d6 and 2....Nf6, so i figured that with the pawn on d3 I should have an advantage.
    3. Bd3 g6
    4. h3 Bg7
    5. Nc3 c6
    --the first moves were developing moves, however the purpose here was a little more lethal. a multi purpose move. My main objective was to hinder the night from influencing the center with Nb5 or Nd5, but more importantly I wanted to prepare b5, inwhich I could start a queenside attack, hopefully amplified by my darksquared bishop
    6. Qd2 0-0--White plans to either remove the g7 bishop or castle queenside. I personally have been white in these positions and have been frustrated by my inability to checkmate after removing the bishop, so I did not fear Bh6 and I knew with c6 already played, I should have a head start in a pawn storm

    7. 0-0-0 e5 perhaps this was a little slow, but the white king is not going anywhere, and by putting a stake in the center, I can stop white from attacking the center and killing my queenside pawn storm. It does block in my bishop, but at this point I am completely commited.
    8. Nf3 b5
    9. a3 a5
    10. Ng5
    I think this move deserves study, because in itself seems weak, I think he was hoping to induce h6 and creating a hook to attack, perhaps wanting to play f4...but at this point I am entirely focused on the white king.
    10... b4
    11. Nb1 c5
    white hopes that black will exchange on a3 and kill all of the tension, however, by bolstering the spatial grab and by continuing to develope an attack, it proves too much for white.
    12. c4 Qb6
    13. Qc2 Nc6
    14. Qa4 Bd7
    15. axb4 axb4
    white realizes anymore time could be disasterous, and hopes that black will exchange poorly, however black accepts the trade and applies more pressure on the white queenside with the newly opened a file
    16. Qb3 Nd4
    17. Bxd4 exd4
    16. Qc2 might have been better, but with open files and significant space advantage, it is no surprise that white makes a serious error on his next move.
    18. g4?? Ba4!
    19. Qa2 Bxd1
    20. Qxa1 Rxa1
    I am a little dissapointed, I would have liked to play it out from 16. Qc2 rather than 16. Qb3. after Qc2, obviously Ba4 would not have been played...rather Ra2 with tons of queenside pressure.

    So here it is...any feedback on the annotation or game itself would be cool. I do know this wasn't a "brilliant game," but rather just (atleast on my side) a solid plan executed with caution and energy.
  2. 01 Oct '08 19:18
    nobody posted....:'(
  3. 01 Oct '08 21:48
    Originally posted by c guy1
    nobody posted....:'(
    You played pretty well - but the game isn't that noteworthy perhaps because your opponent was a lot "weaker" and didn't leave much of an impression.