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  1. 23 Mar '14 10:33
    I am a reasonable standard player but after a few years break I am very rusty, particularly in openings and it seems, analysing more complex positions.

    I used to enjoy playing against a Sveshnikov as white, but have never played as black as I felt that with good white play, the backward d6 pawn and such a dynamic position, I'd struggle to apply the right ideas to keep black competitive as I'd normally achieve great results as white even against better opponents. Yet here I am playing it as black and with 12..h5 I came out of book on my opening database so may have played this out of sequence, but I remember that h5 is a well used idea by GMs such as Magnus Carlsen.

    Playing h5 prevents Qh5, although Sveshnikov himself says this move is entirely unnecessary it does at least keep black's momentum and allow an immediate, bloody-minded attack on white's king. I think this approach would have cost me the game against a player more familar with the position.

    Ignoring the quick win for black, after 19. cxb5 I was more than a little uncomfortable however 19..Nd4 is a useful defender. I have some ideas for white but nothing concrete and I have a feeling that there is a white winning line.

    Can you do better? Can white win from move 20?

    This is my first post and attempt at posting a game link so I hope this works..

  2. 25 Mar '14 02:43
    I tend to use a more positional approach here. Use Nunn's book for this... I will search for his notes...