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  1. Subscriber Proper Knob
    26 Jul '10 10:38
    I had been playing this game for a while, i'd already lost the first encounter (it's a duel tournament). Didn't fancy my chances against the rest of the competition, and with the thought of cutting down some games in my head i thought i'd offer a draw. Move 40. My opponent declined.

    Then a distant thought flashed across my mind, i remembered a wise old sage proclaiming - 'Check all checks!!!'

    7 moves later i'd won.

  2. 26 Jul '10 15:14
    Hi Blobby Knobby.

    I'll turn you all into chess players if it's the last thing I do. 😉

    Good stuff. The Queen and Knight together are awesome.
    3 pieces always mate but with Queen & Knight you get a Rook/Bishop & Knight.

    Had it playing through whilst I eating my breakfast - stopped on
    his Bd4+. is not 34....Qd4+ better (looks like he never checks all checks)

    Hell, sod it, I'm going to be late for work.

    Instructive moment guys. Black to play.
    (this is 34...Qd4+ instead of Bd4+)

    Do it in your head. It's with checks so it's easy.

    Can Black win with 1...Rd1+ 2. Rf1 RxR+ 3.QxR Qxe4+ 4.Qg2 QxN.

    Cheers Blobby I love using RHP games.
  3. 26 Jul '10 18:55 / 1 edit
    Ouch! He had you and missed it.
    Good game though. 😉
  4. 27 Jul '10 01:05 / 2 edits

    I wanted to see if you could visualise the h1-a8 diagonal now being opened
    for the Qa8+ which if you saw it think it wins.

    So I also wanted you also to the spot the backward Queen move to prove
    you went that one move deeper.

    Always go one move deeper in your calculations.

    This is why Mates are easier to judge than other combinations.
    You need not of course go that extra mile and calculate what happens after
    the combination has been played.

    I've played out the pep-check for effect.