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  1. 17 Nov '12 01:57 / 2 edits
    This position arose (White to play) in GP v krieghoff RHP 2012 Game 9628365

    I lost. I just could not batter my way in.

    But take the same position and slip the Rook from d1 to d3..

  2. 17 Nov '12 02:24
    This was the position after 17.Rxg2
    17..Kh8! was very necessary for black...
    before regrouping his forces against White's upcoming strong attack.
    is it not obvious?

    Game 9628265
  3. 17 Nov '12 16:15 / 1 edit
    HI jcmessy

    I was making that one up as I went along.
    Open a file and sac something.
    (Actually I was making most of them up as I went along.)

    I don't know if I could have slipped in a real nifty move
    but he was one of the one day movers and v my policy of
    'this looks interesting, make a move and see what happens '
    I was bound to slip in a few dodgy moves.

    By the time I got around to dealing with these lads most of my positions
    in these games were beyond repair and I was at the cheapo setting stage.
    Impossible v the careful guys.

    The excercise was to see how these guys who play 100's of games do it.
    Against blitzers any reasonable tactician should be OK but against the
    more serious players who use their time rather then giving a game a one or
    two minute look (at the most - some of these 100 a day lads won't have the time)
    then this is were their losses come from.

    Moral: If grading points is your thing.
    Keep your game load low, use the time available. It's not an OTB game,
    you have days to make a move.


    You posted a link to a game in progress between two Brazilians (?)
  4. 18 Nov '12 03:31