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  1. 11 Jan '14 09:59 / 3 edits
    On some other
    chess site I won this game as White. (2 days per move.)

  2. 11 Jan '14 11:26
    Hi, I went through every move of your game, I was interested to read about the computer analysis. May I ask if could elaborate on this a little please as I'd be interested to know a little more. I wondering if this is something that could be used to study moves within a game.

    Many thanks in advance.

  3. 11 Jan '14 11:57
    I am not sure about the skill of this computer.
    It's a built-in feature of this [hidden]competitive [hidden] site, and after the game is finished one can request analysis. It's like a public lawyer, I guess.
  4. 11 Jan '14 12:10 / 2 edits
    I love games like this. A lot of players decry the Perov as being boring
    but it's White (usually following GM theory) that often makes it so.
    Good game.

    Here. (White to play)

    When I was going through it I thought 21.Qd6 was coming here instead
    21.Qe2+ but if it was me and OTB I doubt very much if I could have resisted
    the temptation of playing 21.Ne4. and if Black saves his h8 Rook. 21...Rg8.

    22.Nd6 mate.
    I have lost whole and ½ points succumbing to temptation chasing fairies
    up and around the garden. It is a definite flaw.
  5. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    11 Jan '14 13:05
    The final knight fork made me laugh out loud. Nice game!