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Only Chess Forum

  1. 10 Jul '09 23:46
    I have a Jaques Staunton Tournament Design (49990) chess set which has never been used. Seems a shame so wondered about the best place to sell it to try and get as much of my money back as possible?

    Also have a Jaques Walnut and Sycamore chess board. Whole lot, pieces and board, cost me about £250.

    Any advice appreciated.
  2. 10 Jul '09 23:59
    eBay is good. Make sure your auction ends on Sunday evening and use large pictures, upload them to and then use html in your auction. Don't use eBay's picture options, they're rubbish!

    Copy the pictures from the site where you bought your set:

    And mention how much it cost so that people know it's good quality!
  3. 11 Jul '09 05:39
    Wonder why you're selling them. Have you perhaps given up on chess?