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  1. 06 Jul '12 18:46
    Hey All I was hoping for some advice from some of the more advanced chess players on what steps to take to improve. I am rated on this site as 1300ish and I feel like the weakest part of my game is the opening game I always feel a little lost as to what I'm doing exactly, once there is less pieces on the board I feel more confident in what it is I want to do. Unfortunately by that time sometimes I have the disadvantage. I'm not sure if studying openings would be helpful at this point or not. A lot of the books I have attempted to read are a bit out of my league. You can look at my games if you like. Does anyone know of any good books for someone at my skill level or have any suggestions? I have been at the same level of play for quite some time and it now seems clear I won't be improving without doing something more than just playing my friends. Thanks.
  2. 06 Jul '12 19:40
    tactics tactics tactics

    and play stronger players as often you can
  3. 06 Jul '12 20:06
    After you have completed a game, analyze it using a chess engine to find out where you made your errors.

    And use affirmations like this: "Everyday in every way my chessplay is getting better and better." Repeat it over and over with strong emotion.

    Also, get plenty of exercise and sleep and eat right. A strong body makes for a strong mind.
  4. Donation ketchuplover
    07 Jul '12 04:13
    Have fewer positional weaknesses than your foe.