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Only Chess Forum

  1. 12 Apr '08 20:51
    What is the yellow "Alert" triangle in the heading of listing of games at Inbox ?
  2. Standard member Lukerik
    Stick your hands up
    12 Apr '08 22:18
    Click it and it expands a box with options for managing your games.
  3. Standard member kponds
    Backward Pawn
    12 Apr '08 22:35
    If you are low on time, it will be populated.
  4. 12 Apr '08 23:12
    Originally posted by kponds
    If you are low on time, it will be populated.
    I clicked on the triangle. It only reversed its orientation by 180 degrees. Nothing else. Possibly due to not being a subscriber yet? An alert for 'low on time' is ok. Haven't yet been at that point, so haven't seen such an alert posted. Thanks!!
  5. 13 Apr '08 06:50
    It shows a small clock once you have a game with less than 24 hours to go, the clock changes in appearance and becomes red at the time your opponent gets a skull. Clicking on Alert when you have several clocks will sort the clocks by time left. At the moment you have no clocks so are clicking sort on an empty column.
  6. 13 Apr '08 16:45
    Thanks...your help is appreciated...I've just discovered (hadn't noticed before) the the triangle itself merely changes the ascending or descending order of the listed games being played. (my chess playing might also be as 'slow'
  7. Standard member Lukerik
    Stick your hands up
    13 Apr '08 16:58
    Oh THAT triangle. Ignore me, I misunderstood.
  8. 13 Apr '08 18:37
    Ignore you? No way can that be done, what with so many club affiliations you have . . . thumbs up !