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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 24 Sep '10 20:48
    Wow! This is an amazing game! I'm lost for words.

  2. 24 Sep '10 23:52
    Good game. 😉
  3. 25 Sep '10 00:05
    Both teams played hard.
  4. 25 Sep '10 07:51
    Considering the game was a 20 min plus 1 second and attracted a large amount of spectators, the players in the game must have been nervous of all the spectators and made a few mistakes.

    I would have preferred that white open like this rather than what he did.

  5. 25 Sep '10 12:03
    I'm really happy to see all these Blitz games being posted. I think they're an invaluable part of the RHP chess forum.