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  1. 03 Feb '09 11:23 / 7 edits
    Not one of mine. An example of what can happen when the Schliemann works.


    4. ... Nf6 is quite unusual, 4. ... fxe4 is more common.

    7. d3 seems a bit wimpy. Surely 7. Nxe5 is called for?

    8. Nh4 to hold the pawn on f5 looks horrible to me, but how else can White maintain an advantage?

    9. ... Nxg4! After 10. Qxg4 Qxh4 11. Qxh4 Nf3+ Black is winning. However he had to make sure nasty mates based on Bc4+ and Ng6+ didn't work before playing Nxg4.

    11. h3? is a gross blunder, White could resign after 11. ... Nxf2. Unhappily for White, 12. Qh5 walks into 12. ... Qxh4 again!

    Despite this win for the Oxfordshire player, a heavily outgraded Buckinghamshire team narrowly won the twenty board match.
  2. 04 Feb '09 03:00
    Interesting game (I agree h3 was horrible) just remember the Schliemann can backfire though
    good luck
  3. Standard member cadwah
    04 Feb '09 03:31
    There will be numerous examples of what can go horribly wrong with this opening in my past games. I tend to play f5 a lot...
  4. 04 Feb '09 07:18 / 1 edit