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  1. 11 Jun '11 07:31

    I`m mostly interested in the whole pawn saccing bishop maneuver. I couldn`t find any satisfying refutation for it but maybe GP would be willing to chop this game up if he didn't mind.
  2. 11 Jun '11 12:25 / 3 edits
    Hi Tom Tom

    What do they call you when you have a sore stomach? "Tum Tum?"
    And how about when you were a wee nipper "Tot Tot."?
    Or when you stand in the corner and pretend to be a clock "Tic Tok?"
    Or when you come back from the jungle covered in.....

    ...Get on with it and answer the lad....Forum Mod.

    I hate seeing me mentioned. I feel I have to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

    Here Black to play.

    You played 14...Kd7 blocking in the c8 Bishop to hold the pawn.

    OTB It's a move I could never play. Yes you get a free hit on the Bishop
    and the e-file but what about the c8 Bishop and the a8 Rook.
    I'd let you have the d6 pawn before making such a move.

    I'd reckon his c2 Bishop is better than my c8 Bishop and play
    14...Bf5. 15.Bxf5 gxf5 16.Bxd6 Nd3+

    I'd see this in my mind and go for that.
    Stopping here in my analysis thinking 'see where the King goes and 0-0-0.'

    Not saying it's better for Black and would not care if Anand himself said
    White was far better, it's what I would have played and all I can give
    you is an honest answer.

    "I'd let you have the d6 pawn before making such a move."

    I might lose this one but with this develop at all cost attitude which
    is very dogmatic (know your weakness) I have scored loads of good wins.
    And that is me being honest with myself.

    So no rabbit there.
    Though hopefully my OTB opponent will see loads of imaginary rabbits
    jumping out of the hat and walk into fizzer.
    (What a way to play Chess, but it's how I go about it.)


    Here your 16...b5 with a6 to follow was an excellent arrow to fire into the air.

    The idea of giving a Ba6+ though crude is good in the fact
    your opponent is now in Blunderland and has to start finding some 'only moves'.

    It was unexpected, reeks of desparation, looks like a blunder.
    and yet carries with it a threat that must be dealt with.
    (The rabbit is about to make an appearance).

    a few moves later White to play.

    The two Knights hitting d3 have him riled (imaginary rabbits...ghosts)
    so he wants to chop one of them off. He played...


    And now what happened to the idea behind 16...b5.
    You simply play 19....a5 and the coming Ba6+ bashes him.

    17.Bxc5 Ba6+ 18.Ne2 Rxe2

    Black is winning this one and we don't need bother Mr Anand to confirm it.

    Did not look at rest of game, saw the 19...a5 shot and stopped.
    And anyway this rabbit needs a rest.