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  1. Standard member ivan2908
    12 Nov '13 12:39 / 1 edit
    Wild forced repetition appeared for black, but avoided. Finally an interesting game, featuring Carlsens´Queen strongly placed on h1
  2. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    12 Nov '13 13:28
    Bishops of opposite colour. At least they played this one out. The only hitch is Anand's weaker pawns IMHO. But then I don't know anything, but I would be surprised if someone can win this.
    More and more people are blaming the 12 game match system.
  3. 12 Nov '13 14:28
    I really enjoyed the game, even the Fide video-feed held up!
    Exciting stuff.
  4. 12 Nov '13 15:03
    Awesome game! Seems, Anand with dxc4 took the game into an unknown territory, and somehow Magnus misplayed the middlegame. Looking forward to various analysis of the game
  5. 12 Nov '13 15:10
    I don't think Carlsen misplayed the endgame. Anand had the only winning chances for most of that game. Carlsen was under pressure when he played the unexpected 28. e3, and at first it looked like Anand had enough to win, but soon it became clear that Carlsen had seen a clever way to swap off to a drawn ending.
  6. Standard member RECUVIC
    international loser
    12 Nov '13 15:15
    Magnus knew precisely what he was doing as this was obviously well prepared in advance and Q h1 was clearly prepared ground here. Not at any point did Magnus look like his chosen line was likely to win and Anand was for considerable periods enjoying an advantageous position insufficient to force a win but close, very close! A testament to the defensive abilities of Magnus who in his second white side game actually ventured in there with a genuine attempt to win. These are precisely the type of games we were all hoping for and with luck we will see a lot more of them!?-
  7. Subscriber 64squaresofpain
    The drunk knight
    12 Nov '13 16:09
    Was a good game indeed, I was really gunning for Anand to convert his advantage into a win, and so felt slightly sad around the time he was forced to draw his bishop back to a defensive role right after Carlsen's Queen finally emerged back from h1.

    They spoke afterwards during the press interview that White had sufficient enough counter play to ensure that black's assault was stunted... one measly pawn would not be enough.

    It was funny when around move 40, Anand offered a draw and Carlsen refused!
  8. 12 Nov '13 17:24
    Can someone post the full game.
  9. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    12 Nov '13 17:41 / 2 edits
  10. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    12 Nov '13 19:34
    Who'd have guessed it was a draw.
  11. 12 Nov '13 23:07
    Originally posted by ChessPraxis
    Who'd have guessed it was a draw.
    Wish we had someone on this site who was an expert in chess psychology.
    Would be great to get their insight.
    Any instructors out there ?
  12. 12 Nov '13 23:18 / 2 edits
    More like it. The rest day has done them good. The first two games are history.
    This game went right down to the wire leaving both with a King and Bishop v King and Bishop.

    Nothing new at this level. Topalov - Adams Sofia 2007 finished the very same way.

    RHP has over 50 examples of such an ending appearing.
    (except some of the RHP lads have played on and on looking for a mate…bless them.)

    tonymelissa9389 and stevewu have had this KB v KB twice Game 8659326 and Game 8966182
    (both games ended in a draw. Neither of them stumbled into the mate….there is a mate.)

    Carlsen - Anand, Game 3 2013 World Championship. from the final position.

    As for the actual game itself.

    How can this be OK. Surely Anand could have pulled more out of this than he did.
    If Carlsen is going to spot him bad positions and get away with it then Carlsen
    has won the war of nerves.

    Anand may look back on this as a missed chance, but Carlsen is slippery.
    There were dozens of variations going through Anand’s mind.
    I thought it all petered out on move 35. with Anands 35…Bf6.

    This is a pure hackers view and the idea (the hit on f2) can appear earlier
    but possibly so can the same defensive set - up.

  13. 12 Nov '13 23:50
    Interesting tweets by Garry Kasparov
  14. Standard member hedonist
    peacedog's keeper
    13 Nov '13 00:06
    Originally posted by The Gravedigger
    Wish we had someone on this site who was an expert in chess psychology.
    Would be great to get their insight.
    Any instructors out there ?