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  1. 24 Mar '14 03:01
    What a day at the candidates! Vishy winning, both Aronian and Kramnik losing.
  2. 24 Mar '14 06:03
    YES! I so want Anand to win and make a comeback! He is 40+ and wears glasses like me.
  3. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    24 Mar '14 08:40
    Originally posted by vishyanand
    What a day at the candidates! Vishy winning, both Aronian and Kramnik losing.
    It would seem that losing the title was the best thing that could have happened to him! We haven't seen this sort of consistency from him for 5 years. Great to see. I was looking at his fixtures from now on and he could easily add another win before the tournament is over. If he can do that and remain undefeated then he's pretty much certain to qualify as Aronian needs to out score him (he loses on tiebreak).
  4. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    24 Mar '14 09:08
    I've been following the candidates quite closely.

    It seems like Anand is leading purely as he is making fewer mistakes,
    and is simply just playing solid chess - not taking any risks.
    Everyone else is blundering left, right and centre...

    I particularly find it interesting that Topalov's only victory so far has been over Kramnik...
    Definitely some psychology involved in this tourney, which is why Anand may prevail.
  5. 24 Mar '14 11:40
    I've been watching what I can of the games at work.

    The Andreikin - Topalov game was quite incredible.

    White moved his Queen, both Rooks, King's Knight and King's Bishop only once.
    Then based on the theory it is hard to hit a moving a target he moved his
    King five times and Topalov resigned in 27 moves.

    Andreikin - Topalov, World Chess Championship Candidates 2014