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  1. 21 Jul '15 11:45 / 4 edits
    In second Round I managed to get a draw against 72-year old guy whose name was Guy because he was (and still is) Frenchman. His rating was much lower and he had no games in Chess-db database, so I decided to go for a win at any cost.

    edit 4 -> I don't know what-s wrong with pgn. Will try later today now I have to prepare for 4th round.
  2. 21 Jul '15 15:09 / 4 edits
    Phew - that was tough repair, I think I got it all.

    You mixing up the {} with []

    And '4. exd5 Nxd5 ' should be '4. exd5 Nf6'

    Think I got it all sorted.

    Guy - vandervelde 2015

  3. 21 Jul '15 15:44
    The opening was very Panov-Botvinnikish and I would have gone for something like 8. b4 with a4 and b5 to follow.
  4. 21 Jul '15 20:34
    Thanks for repairing.