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  1. 22 Jul '15 20:16
    I won and em on 50% again.
    15 minutes after I got to my apartment fell heavy hail.

    The game wasn't good. Interesting for me was, that I checkmated him (*in 28th move), and he didn't notice it, he moved his King attacked by my Bishop.


    In this position (I have just played Bb3) Black has one move that gives him chance for equal game.
    This move is ...c5. He played ...Bb7 and fell into trap.
  2. 22 Jul '15 20:59 / 1 edit
    Hi vandervelde ,

    Had a shot at recreating the position you posted.
    Looks plausible except the e-pawns hangs for a move
    and I'm too convinced about Qd1-d2 and then to d3 move.

    My solution is in the notes.

  3. 22 Jul '15 21:04
    Yep, he missed Qxg6.

    ...c5 (*instead of ...Bb7) was that better move, which would force Queen-exchange, which also means that my trap was to slow. Stronger opponent would have used my hasitating.
  4. 22 Jul '15 21:08
    Good recreating, almost guessed.
    We reached the position from this opening--->
    (*pic is from my morning preparations; he was surprised by it, and played 3. ...Be7?!)
  5. 22 Jul '15 22:11
    A Ponziani! I actually thought about that but the pawn on d6 put me off.
    Usually d5 gets played. But I knew there had been an exd4 and cxd4 in there somewhere.
  6. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    23 Jul '15 11:53
    It also occurred to me that the tactic is very similar to Tatai-Korchnoi, with the pinned f-pawn and the weak g3 or g6 square in front of the king. Patterns repeat!