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  1. 23 Jul '15 20:28
    Uh. A draw after which I feel like was hit in the head by wet sock all day long.

    This happened: I made an illegal move. Damned.
    I was so embarrassed.
    During Blitz Grand Prix Andorra on 19th July I discovered it means losing the game in blitz.

    I don't know what's the rule in "long" games. I blushed when my opponent warned me, and I was expecting umpire to come and inform me that I lost. But my opponent Mas Recorda just pushed the clock and let me continue.

    I didn't even thank him properly - I must do it tomorrow.

    Well, it was 4 Pawns Attack in King's Indian.
    I looked at BenOni-like line, and Samisch variation (he plays also this) and even Bird's opening which is also on his repertoire, so I replayed my RHP games with veca.

    The game was full of twist and combinations. Like action movie with many smashed cars and destroyed windows.

    For now on I am rooting for Mas Recorda in this tournament.

    Of course I am satisfied with the draw after all. I feel as someone hit me with wet sock in the head all day: so many calculations, most of them wrong, but the excitement, the twists, disappointments and joy in turn…
  2. 23 Jul '15 23:58 / 1 edit
    Interesting game. A real toe to toe slog fest.

    A flame thrower to take out noisy parents...well I suppose it's better
    than a harassed arbiter going about it telling people to be quiet..

    The article/ post vandervelde mentioned.

    jmi60 - greenpawn34, Mikelom Memorial Tournament 2015

    My 'Hope' Variation

    The Korchnoi game, note the different move order.

    V. Artsukevich - V. Korchnoi, Leningrad 1953

  3. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    24 Jul '15 01:41
    The "illegal move = loss" rule is only for blitz and rapid time controls, as far as I understand. It does not apply to classical time controls. Incidentally, this is a FIDE rule. Tournaments that are not FIDE sanctioned, such as USCF, do not have this rule.
  4. 05 Aug '15 12:50
    I've surfed and it appears that the rules are:
    1 illegal move is loss in blitz
    2 illegal moves is loss in standard game.

    By-the-way, I had articles published in two parts

    I had a feeling during the tournament that Jerez Perez from Round I had read 1 part of English thread here (and thus didn't get he continuation in which I give him credit as sympa guy) because he avoided eye contact with me... 😉