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  1. 09 Feb '13 04:45 / 3 edits
    So I'm posting my second game on here, another interesting game. Lots of mistakes on white's part that could have been avoided. I would love it if some higher rated players could help me. It's easy to spot my opponent's mistakes but I have a hard time of seeing mine, possibly because I obviously make the best moves I can think of and still won (so they worked, but please comment). For instance, move 18, I really felt there had to be something snazzy for black's knight to do, but I couldn't figure it out so I opted for e5...

    Game 9804506

  2. 09 Feb '13 06:14
    Don't think you made any mistakes in that game. Perhaps there may have been some faster wins that you missed, but you played very well - took the advantage and didn't let go. Well done