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  1. 04 Feb '13 17:14
    I remembered an old game of mine with another piece sacrifice.
    This time around, the piece sac is totally sound and should lead to a win (if accepted).

    Unfortunately, I don't remember the whole game, and it may even be theory.
    * My chess books are hard to get to lately, so I can't reference them the way I normally do.

    Obviously, black has quite a few choices here, but the white attack is so strong that black is helpless. In addition, white has two pawns for the piece!

    White has Bf4 and Rd1 ideas.
    Bf4 and Be6 would also be mate, given time.
    The black king will have trouble finding safety for quite some time.
    Black also has no pieces developed!
    It's a good all around piece sacrifice.