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  1. 06 May '12 13:48 / 1 edit
    ....I can do better.

    Blitz games.
    Some nights you turn up and go through the moptions and win or lose.
    Bog standard games littered with errors and missed calls.
    Sometimes something unique happens.

    This was played months ago and I just found it whilst looking for something else.

    I'm White, Black to play. I have sacced a Rook.

    My one idea, and at Blitz it's all about the first idea and trying to make it work,
    is Ne6+

    My notes in the coming game are wrong. I am not in as much trouble as I first
    thought but I've written them to show how we both appeared to be thinking at the time.

    I think that is fair notation in blitz.
    Sitting relaxed with oodles of time one could find fault with any blitz game.
    You have to try and capture the moment.

    So my idea is Ne6+ I never saw his idea, overrated it and set a counter trap.

  2. 17 May '12 19:53
    Beautiful finish - I always think a brilliancy is just round the corner in blitz when there are pieces flying everywhere on the board!
  3. 18 May '12 00:34
    Hi Burnsider.

    I think we need another word for a brilliancy in Blitz.

    Sub-brilliancy! I never saw it till I was forced to see it, infact I never even
    guessed the idea behind him setting up his discovered check.

    My main gripe with blitz is a lot of beautiful moves and ideas are often missed.
    The exceptions are few.
    There are a lot of unheard melodies (Combinations never played) in blitz games.
  4. 18 May '12 02:05
    It surprised me, she loves you indeed!
  5. Subscriber dzirilli
    22 May '12 02:56
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    ....I can do better.
    (Except spell.....Russ)
  6. 01 Jun '12 08:04
    This game shows why I love chess !!! 🙂🙂🙂