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  1. 29 Jan '07 18:06
    not online. Maybe a club or something. I'm 24, really new to chess, and while I love playing online, I have some "concentration" issues when porn is just a click away (joking)

    I'm in the New Brunswick area....I'd say my rating is really low and I'm still "Chessmaster" rating is about 700......I haven't played many games on here or against real people to actually get a rating, but I'm sure it will be low...

    I'd be interested in paid lessons too.
  2. 29 Jan '07 18:16
    Have you looked at clubs around your area? I'm sure i recall clubs around New Brunswick, if not in the town itself. Maybe the one i'm thinking of was the East Brunswick Chess club, not sure if it's there anymore. Anyway, try this site: It should give you a list of clubs in New Jersey. If you have a car, there's a nice club in Hamilton New Jersey. they have quads every month. In other words there's plenty of chess action if you don't mind driving a little. hope this helps
  3. 29 Jan '07 18:54
    East Brunswick would be PERFECT I'm practically in east brunswick (south river, east brunswick's red headed lower class step child)
  4. Standard member Diet Coke
    Forum Vampire
    29 Jan '07 18:59 / 1 edit
    Anyone from Bristol?
  5. 30 Jan '07 21:37
    I searched....nothing really that close to me unfortunately....
  6. 31 Jan '07 01:29
    Two Words: Coffee Shop. Not Starbucks but real coffee shops. You're sure to get lots of free advice. Which is usually worth exactly what you paid for it!
  7. 31 Jan '07 03:23
    east brunswick was a big club years ago, but it may be gone now. do you belong to uscf? i'm afraid the internet has become so common for chess players, local clubs have suffered.
  8. 31 Jan '07 04:39
    No, I'm rather new and was mainly looking for a reputable place to seek out some private lessons.
  9. 01 Feb '07 18:05
    last try I guess..I have searched that site...even posted on the local craigslists and have not received any responses...

    Surely there is someone/someplace in New Brunswick area, or even Princeton area that is reputable and offers lessons and instruction?

    I would consider some 1 on 1 online lessons, however my attention span like i said before...with porn 1 click nil.
  10. 01 Feb '07 21:46
    I'm in Mercer County and from what I've seen in Chess Magazine and, there are a lot of clubs and tournaments in NJ.