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  1. 02 May '14 15:16 / 1 edit
    Hit upon this game earlier on today. Both players are 2500+ in OTB play.

    OK Black to play.

    Any ideas?.

    spoiler alert, solution coming.

    Alberto David vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Italian Team Championship (2014)

    Black played 20...Qc5!! We join the game after this move.

    The full game.

  2. Subscriber moonbus
    02 May '14 15:57
    Wow !
  3. 02 May '14 22:58

    Nice youtube commentary

  4. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    03 May '14 04:53
    What an amazing combination! I bet white wishes he'd played 1.Bxf6...
  5. 04 May '14 01:33 / 2 edits
    In your analysis on move 9, showing a check mate, is there any positional reason to choose Qh1# for the mate, rather than Qg1#? Is there any stylistic reason or "proper play" reason to use Qh1#, and not Qg1#?

    If it doesn't specifically apply here, does it apply in other situations where a Grandmaster has a choice of 2 one move methods of checkmate where one choice is somehow more appropriate than the other?
  6. 04 May '14 02:22
    Hi KOP,

    No reason.

    White is threatening Qh1 mate and after Ke1 Qh1 still mates - maybe that is why,
    but I never really thought about it.

    A choice sometimes appears regarding a sac that leads to mate.
    Look at the following silly game.

  7. 04 May '14 03:48
    Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if Grandmasters use certain principle ideas even when 2 one-move checkmates will work or 2 two-move checkmates will work.

    In the previous example of the silly mate, would a grandmaster play the Bxg6+ over the Qxg6+ out of some principle, if for no other reason but to keep reminded of such a principle in general play conditions which are not in an immediate or imminent end game? Or do GMs just do what they want to in such cases?
  8. 04 May '14 11:58
    Hi KOP.

    In the above case if a fellow GM was Black in a similiair position and we are
    at the rear end of some brilliant combination then the Queen sac wraps it up nicely.
    I don't think the other GM would be too upset or take it as an insult.

    I'd play the Queen sac because I am a natural born show-off.
    I'd sac the Queen and post the game!......three times a month.

    Don't wiegh yourself down with so many questions or hold the GM lads in awe.
    The are a bit better at a game than you, nothing more.
    They don't think deep and ponder on every move as if the existence of the
    universe depends upon it. They usually play what is the best practical move.
    The less thinking a position requires then that is way to go.
    (they call it technique) Only when the positions demands it do they dive
    into the think tank. Knowing when such positions arise comes with
    experience, and experience cannot be taught.