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  1. 20 Jun '08 15:24 / 4 edits
    One I think for the 'when not to castle school.'

    Actually I just wanted to test the piece moving thingy and
    show you this (cough!) masterpiece.

    I simply could not resist putting the 3rd piece en prise.

    White spent ages looking at 0-0 in the end he did not
    like what he saw, shrugged his shoulders and 0-0-0.

    This was a serious OTB rated game in a club minor championship.

    Finally got it - space between 15. Nd2 (should be 15.Nd2)
  2. 20 Jun '08 15:27
    dude somethings up wid da pgn.
  3. 20 Jun '08 16:01 / 1 edit
    Anybody else got one where a player has castled into mate in one.

    In the very early computers if you lined up a Bishop on c2
    a Queen on d3 and there was a black pawn on h7.

    The computer would not 0-0 (because the pawn was attacked).
    If you played a waiting move the computer would play h7-h6
    and then castle - mate next move.

    I have also seen a playing castling through check. (illegal).
    After castling the illegal player had left a mate in one on.

    His opponent did not take the mate in one but pointed out
    the illegal move. The player uncastled and play resumed.

    Happy to report the player who made the illegal move
    eventually lost, but it would have been funny if he had won.

    And finally (must get back to work).
    In a minor tournament a few years back. Black's King and Queen
    were on the wrong square. During the course of the game Black
    castled 0-0 (which was actually on the Queenside and was mated
    next move). I have the score of the game but cannot
    show it on the game moving thingy because it would not work.

    That's one way of avoiding theory.
    Have the King and Queen on the wrong square. They were out
    of the books before move 1.