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  1. 29 Jan '14 16:46
    Was the organization of this event as bad as Botvinnik said in "100 Selected Games"?
  2. 29 Jan '14 19:04 / 1 edit
    I don't have Botvinnik's '100 Selected Games' on hand but I can see playing
    14 games in 14 different locations in 21 days would be very tough going.
    Especially rounds 4,5,6 and 7 which were played on consecutive days on
    the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of November in Groningen, Zwolle, Haarlem and Amsterdam.

    The most famous game from this event is the Botvinnik v Capablaca game.
    It has even been commemorated in a stamp. (see below)
    Brilliant combo by Botvinnik, who admits he saw he had a perpetual in his
    back pocket before embarking on the variation starting with Ba3.

    Keres and Fine tied for first place (8½ pts) with Keres winning on tie break.
    Then Botvinnik (7½ pts) with Alekhine, Euwe and Reshevsky on (7 pts.)
    7th was Capablanca (6 pts) and last was Flohr (4½ pts.)

    Flohr may have had other things on mind than Chess.
    He was Jewish and at the time of the tournament Germany had taken over most
    of the then Czechoslakia. He stayed in Holland after the tournament eventually
    getting to Russia via Sweden with the red tape being smoothed over with the help of Botvinnik.

    Capa's poor performance in this event is down to fact he fell seriously ill
    and suffered a mild stroke during the tournament.

    If he had found the simple win v Fine then Keres would have won the tournment outright.

    Capa played 40.Rxg5 when 40 h5! wins (40....Rb1 41.Kg2)

    I say 'simple' win. It took about 12 years before anyone spotted it.
    The tournament book by Euwe missed it.
    Gerald Abraham used the game in his 'Teach Yourself Chess' series published
    in 1948 and he never saw it - but in the 1951 reprint the win was noted.
    (possibly spotted by a reader who was 'teaching himself Chess' and got in touch with the author with a question.)

    This whole game was quite a battle. Heidenfeld included it in his famous book Draw!.

    Capablanca - Fine Avro 1938

    Capablanca - Botvinnik Avro 1938 (the position from the stamp)

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    Cowboy From Hell
    29 Jan '14 19:34
    Originally posted by dsmichel
    Was the organization of this event as bad as Botvinnik said in "100 Selected Games"?
    How old do you think we are?