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Only Chess Forum

  1. 14 Sep '10 15:54
    But i think the chains rusted......

    Hello all !!

    I've just come back from an eventful year working away from home. As sad as it is, not a chess piece has touched these fingers, and not a "submit move" buttons been pressed. I've never had time for a chess club since leaving school due to work and still don't. Before i fell of the side of the planet tho, i used to religiously complete at least 30 exercises/problems a day, and would try to spend an hour analysing my previous games.

    Just last week a victory against an old friend has bought me into relapse and the hunger is back. The problem is, exercises which once took me a few seconds to solve, now take me hours, days:'(, and looking back at my old games i can't even understand some of my OWN analysis.......sigh....

    I thought playing chess again, would be like riding a bike....... Any ideas?
  2. 14 Sep '10 15:57
    Get out while you still can!

  3. 14 Sep '10 17:03
    Originally posted by toeternitoe
    Get out while you still can!


    This had me looking for the "like" button.

  4. 14 Sep '10 18:25
    Hmm.... Not a bad idea!

    Save me time n' aspirin