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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 12 Nov '14 00:39
    I felt I played a good game in my local league tonight, but I finished it off with a dirty back rank trick which I learnt from Greenpawn's "Mastering Chess" book (I was amazed how many mating patterns there were that I didn't know):
  2. 12 Nov '14 03:58
    Nice finish.
  3. 13 Nov '14 13:36
    Hope you told the other lad that he needs to get 'Mastering Chess'. 🙂

    g3 v the never got that from me. Who else have you been reading?
  4. 13 Nov '14 15:37
    I can't be bothered with main line Sicilians, too much theory and too many traps to learn. Depending on how I feel on the night I play either the Closed Sicilian or the Wing Gambit, resulting, as you might expect, in wildly different positions.