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  1. 08 Jun '12 00:39
    Smashing game dug up by chance from the RHP graveyard.

    I could easily have called this bloggy thing : The blunders of Protelcom
    Both Ernie and the Duck both find fault with same game.

    Plus a pic of me and Mrs greenpawn.
  2. 08 Jun '12 11:43
    Have loads of games with this pattern.

    Two good examples from the 2012 Championship.
    First a White win.

    Gatusso - rafasegovia RHP Ch 2012

    Second is a Black win.

    yournightmare - thaughbaer RHP Ch 2012

    thaughbaer with a rather clumsy move 13th move (13…Rb8) drops the exchange.
    Though he will no doubt claim it was a sacrifice. I would 🙂

    The Black Knight then takes over the game. First it hops all over the Queenside
    annoying Rooks. Then onto the Kingside to set up mating threats and other tricks.
    Meanwhile White is toiling to find ways to get his Rooks into the game.
    Just when it appears the breakthough in the centre is about to happen White
    walks into a trick kicked off with a Knight sacrifice.

    The resignation is perhaps too soon. I would have played on.

    Though the Queen v two Rooks is better for Black. I would still need to be shown.

  3. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    08 Jun '12 17:17
    Not a sacrifice.. postit note.. check all forks.. fell off monitor.