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  1. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    29 Oct '13 21:01
    Just had to rebuild my Linux server and revisited an old Batch Analysis program I started a while back. Basically it runs PGNs through an angine using UCI and stores the results in a MySQL database. Because the results are in a database they can be analysed in a variety of ways.. eg. for blunders/missed mates etc.

    This is the typical output...

    Game ID: 10149768
    White: kjl291
    Black: thaughbaer
    Result: 1-0
    Top 1 move count for kjl291: 57% (12/21)
    Top 2 move count for kjl291: 85% (18/21)
    Top 3 move count for kjl291: 90% (19/21)
    Top 1 move count for thaughbaer: 30% (6/20)
    Top 2 move count for thaughbaer: 55% (11/20)
    Top 3 move count for thaughbaer: 60% (12/20)
    Blunder by thaughbaer(25): d7e6(-0.765) => d7c7(-0.303)
    Blunder by thaughbaer(26): e6c4(-1.059) => e6b3(-0.779)
    Blunders for kjl291: 0
    Blunders for thaughbaer: 2
    Missed mates for kjl291: 0
    Missed mates for thaughbaer: 0
    Forced move by kjl291(26): d1d6(0.771) <= c1h6(0.323)
    Forced move by kjl291(27): d6f6(1.193) <= c1h6(0.218)
    Forced move by thaughbaer(19): f6h5(-0.105) <= f6e4(-0.42)
    Forced moves for kjl291: 2
    Forced moves for thaughbaer: 1
    Player name: thaughbaer
    Game count: 3
    Average top 1 move: 43% (3)
    Average top 2 move: 63% (3)
    Average top 3 move: 72% (3)
    Blunders: 4
    Missed mates: 6
    Forced moves: 8
    Player name: opponents
    Game count: 3
    Average top 1 move: 43% (3)
    Average top 2 move: 64% (3)
    Average top 3 move: 70% (3)
    Blunders: 3
    Missed mates: 0
    Forced moves: 7

    This is using Stockfish ( I'm too cheap to buy anything ) at a low time setting so ignore the percentage matchups.

    Anyone interested in running this on their system PM me and/or join the 'duckhunt' club for instructions. Mine runs on Linux but I think it's probably possible to make it run under Windows too using cygwin.