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  1. 13 Sep '10 15:15
    Seeking the Endgame: BBC documentary on chess.

    During the World Championship match between Anand and Topalov in May in Sofia suddenly a BBC radio crew appeared in the press room. They were working on a chess documentary and spoke to several journalists, including the ChessVibes editor-in-chief. The first part was put online last Friday.
    The documentary, one in the series Friday Documentary by the BBC World Service can be found here and here. (It’s also available as a downloadable MP3 here.) The first part is mainly about how computers have changed our game. The official description: .....................

    Read more at:
  2. 13 Sep '10 17:16 / 1 edit
    Typical Ivanhoe.

    He comes galloping along when all the fighting has finished. 😉

    We done that mate.


    We even figured out how radio waves work and what The Chungs are up to.

    Sally Chung has run off with her lover, The wedding has been cancelled
    and Zippo the cow remains unsold.

    I knew they would not sell the cow.
    Toy Zipo cows are out-selling Nintendo in China.