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  1. 11 Jun '06 03:20
    Here's my first game using this

    Game 2153910

    Nice result.
  2. Standard member Red Night
    RHP Prophet
    11 Jun '06 04:35 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by cmsMaster
    Here's my first game using this

    Game 2153910

    Nice result.
    That's a pretty nice game.

    I'm no Benko expert, but a4 looks like the mistake that brings the house down.
  3. 11 Jun '06 05:03
    16.a4 and 22.Bxc4 seem to be the biggest blunders of the game for white. after 16.a4 white is very uncomfortable and after 22.Bxc4 the game is lost.
  4. Standard member Smiffy
    11 Jun '06 14:42
    yea a4 was the mess up move..iv played a few benko games but i always seem to mess it up.....
  5. 11 Jun '06 15:51
    Nice game but I didn't like 14...Ne5 although you had the right idea in mind - move knight to the queen side (aiming at c4 square and putting more heat on b2). After 14...Ne5 white could simply exchange knights and your precious Benko-Bishop would be locked behind e5-pawn (15.Nxe5 dxe5 and white can target on your c5-pawn).

    More common is to play 14...Ng4 and then 15...Nge5, if white exchanges you can replace it with your least active piece (btw, in many lines white tries to prevent this plan by playing h3 before Re1-e4).
  6. 11 Jun '06 18:07
    Ah thanks, yeah suggestions help. As I mentioned this is my first Benko game.