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  1. 09 Sep '08 00:48
    I LOVE the Queen, but she's too important to lose. I'm not so good with her.
  2. 09 Sep '08 01:03
    My second favorite piece in the game is the knight.

    During endgames I'd much rather have a knight over a bishop. If my opponent and I are equal in pieces --- but he has a knight and I have a bishop --- he has a higher chance of winning.
  3. 09 Sep '08 01:05
    Best piece.
    Hands down.
  4. Standard member Wulebgr
    09 Sep '08 01:27
    Originally posted by wille179
    I LOVE the Queen, but she's too important to lose. I'm not so good with her.
    relationship counseling might help
  5. 09 Sep '08 02:08
    I would have to say the most important piece is the king. It tends to be a mistake to sacrafice the king, even if you think that you will get decent positional compensation

    As for my favorite piece, I like the queen. She is almost required for big attacks (there are exceptions, I know). But the queen is the most powerful and deadly piece on the board.
  6. Standard member irontigran
    Rob Scheider is..
    09 Sep '08 02:27
    i thought people who dont know chess only talk about it.. fair play tickets!!

    in the comparison B v N, i do like bishops more than when i started playing... takes longer to learn how it attacks
  7. 09 Sep '08 03:38
    as said before, I love the king and do everything to protect the fatso even though he just sits there and drinks all my ale.
  8. 09 Sep '08 04:17
    Da king rules.

    Most games, sits around all day, waits for others to do the troublesome work. Then gets involved once the dust has settled.

    For straight up ass kicking, Queen, Knight & Rooks are all bad ass. If I had to pick for ass kicking, of course, da Queen.
  9. Standard member MetBierOp
    09 Sep '08 12:46
    I think the pawn has the biggest potential.
  10. 09 Sep '08 18:06
    How about if you get all the pieces?

    What would you take?

    Your king plus....

    1x queen
    2x rooks
    2x bishops
    2x knights
    or a merciless band of 8 hungry pawns?

  11. 10 Sep '08 15:51
    Originally posted by MetBierOp
    I think the pawn has the biggest potential.

    I knew someone would say this eventually!
  12. 11 Sep '08 07:09
    My favorite piece is the second queen.
  13. Standard member Nowakowski
    10. O-O
    11 Sep '08 07:34
    im gonna have to agree on the pawn... it definitely makes and breaks every game.