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  1. 26 Feb '09 19:26
    Does anyone know of any statistics regarding the success of players by opening?

    i.e. Ruy lopez = Paul Keres etc

  2. 26 Feb '09 20:16
    I would believe their success was huge which is why they were named after the system, however, their systems are not as dominant today whatever they may be based on theories to counteract thier play.
  3. 26 Feb '09 20:55
    hi thats not quite what i meant,

    I meant something more like:

    Ruy Lopez = 1.Capablanca 81% 2.Fischer 78% 3.Alekhine 76% etc
  4. 27 Feb '09 11:38
    1...a6 Tony Miles
  5. 27 Feb '09 14:45
  6. Standard member JonathanB of London
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    27 Feb '09 16:53
    Originally posted by Habeascorp
    1...a6 Tony Miles
    1. ... e6, 2. ... a6

    Michael Basman
  7. 27 Feb '09 19:52 / 1 edit
    Fischer had a 72% winning percentage. I would say that is dominant in all openings he played by far. He also played the Bc4 sicilian with great percentages.
  8. Standard member najdorfslayer
    The Ever Living
    28 Feb '09 09:30
    I bet Kasparov's record as Black with the Scheveningen was very high indeed!!
  9. Standard member randolph
    the walrus
    02 Mar '09 06:52
    You'd get a lot of lower masters who were experts in their opening systems and/or played in closed rating pools, i.e.; The Grob- Claude Bloodgood III