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  1. 08 Sep '13 12:25
    Loads of (well six actually) lone Bishop mates where the losing player plays self mate.

    A Book Review of A Practical White Repertoire with 1.d4 and 2.c4
    by Alexei Kornev.

    A short (very short) Chess Story.
    A clan picture of The In Vino Veritas Clan.
    A picture of Laurel and Hardy playing Chess.
  2. 08 Sep '13 21:10 / 1 edit
    The link is:
  3. 08 Sep '13 22:21

    I was looking at that post thinking I had forgotten something.

    Blog 4
  4. Standard member Exuma
    10 Sep '13 17:16
    Perhaps this was your inspiration for this blog?

    GP34 v Talzamir RHP 2012

    Game 9702654

  5. 11 Sep '13 12:27
    I noted up this game in Thread 150220 it was set up the trap
    using 'Deep Mode'. My opponent realised right away after I played Nf6+
    that he would get mated but played it out. A real sport.

    Cannot recall I thought about this game. I just happened to stumble
    on a lone Bishop mate and looked for more...there are loads more.

    luizandre - stevemcc RHP 2011 Game 8516030