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Only Chess Forum

  1. 11 Oct '10 15:32
    Anyone knows how can I see Bilbao Live Games from office?

    Note that live games from the site, and also from chessbomb/chessdom is not working, also i cannot connect to some server like FICS/ICC or Playchess...

    Even posting the games here(currently round 3 in progress) would help me.
  2. 11 Oct '10 16:10
    pls post here the moves from round 3...
  3. Standard member Thabtos
    I am become Death
    11 Oct '10 16:25

    Just look at the games from the site.
  4. 11 Oct '10 16:31
    Originally posted by Thabtos

    Just look at the games from the site.
    I think here only the http port is working...and this is coming probably on another port...
    I need some site that chessdom used to have...where i did refresh...or the kind of relay they did in the olympiad, where the live games were working...
    or someone kind to put the moves here until now...
  5. 12 Oct '10 19:08