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  1. 24 Apr '16 19:22 / 1 edit
    Why hasn't there been a thread about bishop h7 sacrifices?

    Post your h7 sac games here:

  2. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    25 Apr '16 14:25
    14..Nb4 is much stronger than 14..Nf6? If white takes on e4 then ..Bxe4 co-ordinates with the Nb4 with tempo. Therefore the Ne4 is untouchable. It is interesting to note that black only has this continuation because of the time spent capturing the black pawn earlier. Nice game.
  3. 27 Apr '16 23:17 / 3 edits
    Thanks. I have gone over what I might do with the variation you've given several times now.

    I got the idea to hold on to my bishop from watching Igor Smirnov videos and the idea for the sac by reading a book that Greenpawn suggested, The Mammoth Book of Chess by Graham Burgess.

    I must admit that I am a much better chess player when my opponent lets me.

    Of course Bishop sacs on h3 for black would be appreciated too.
  4. 28 Apr '16 01:32
    Oops, meant Bh2 sac.