1. e4
    06 May '08
    04 Aug '23 20:30

    Four what I would say were pretty easy puzzles to boost your ego.
    Then a nice piece of chess from an OTB game that was actually missed.

    Onto 3 positions from the World Cup and their RHP counertparts.
    The finish to the Axel Bachmann - Sarin Nihal game from the World
    Cup is quite amazing and well worth the visit. I'll do it here as a quiz.

    Axel Bachmann - Sarin Nihal FIDE World Cup 2023

    What would you play as Black here?

    Blog Post 577
  2. Joined
    15 Dec '20
    04 Aug '23 22:51
    Hi Geoff,
    I was wondering whether the blog post's final paragraph has accurately positioned Elwin and Adams.

  3. e4
    06 May '08
    05 Aug '23 06:54
    Hi David,

    it was done intentionally as a not so bright punchline to the previous confusion.
    I've had a PM about it as well. But I'll leave it as intended (most won't even notice)
    it's harmless and should not cause any offence.

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