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  1. 08 Mar '13 11:38 / 4 edits
    This one of the most shocking games i've ever played OTB - and won..

    It transposes from a scando to a blackmar diemar to a caro-kann and ends up becoming a french. Computer analysis shows my opponent had +12 at one point in the game!

    The only thing I can say in my favour is that he was under extreme time pressure to make the 35 move time control (2mins to make 10 moves at one point).

    After 20..g6 21.Bxg6 pxB 22.Qg4 Nxp i'm toast, but it looks like the e5 Knight defends it all and under time pressure perhaps difficult to be sure unless you a computer

    I played a closed game with e6 trying to take him out of book and keep position closed. (i'm black, there is some move analysis but the pgn not showing for some reason)